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Coach Parties

This voucher will be validated for £10 when you bring a Coach with more than forty passengers to Murgatroyds.

For groups with between 15-39 passengers, this voucher is worth £5.00.

Murgatroyds are happy to offer Coach Drivers this special incentive to bring groups for Fish and Chips. We give another incentive to our customers - we promise great food and good, friendly service every time you choose Murgatroyds!

The voucher may be redeemed for its cash equivalent or used against meals and drinks purchased within Murgatroyds Restaurant and Take Away (no change given).

This voucher replaces any previous complimentary Driver/Courier/Organiser meal offers.


In order to be valid, the voucher must be signed by the driver, by a member of Murgatroyd's Management and dated. To receive your voucher, please provide us with your email address below, and you will receive your voucher by email.

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