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Our History

Billy Murgatroyd in his day was known to all residents of Yeadon as 'Billy Murg.' He was an enterprising man who helped put Yeadon as a town on the map in the 1870's.

As the fearsome owner of Moorfield Mill, on the site of the present restaurant, blunt Billy's sayings were famous throughout the region, he once said in a courtroom,

When I'm in London I'm called Sir, when I'm in Bradford it's Mr. Murgatroyd, but when I'm in t'mill it's 't'owd bugger's back again!'.

He was hard but fair, and today the uncompromising spirit of 'Billy Murg' lives on in Murgatroyds, Britain's Finest Fish and Chip Emporium.

As Billy himself would have undoubtedly said,

Why settle for less than t'best?

Whatever you choose from our menu, we're sure you'll enjoy it because 'ard Billy Murg simply wouldn't have it any other way!