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Find Us

For some reason, we cannot load the map on your machine. Given this, we suggest you visit Google Maps directly, where you should be able to get directions.

To do this, click the link below, and on the resulting page, and at the bottom of the "Murgatroyds" pane, click Directions. You'll then be able to enter the origin address on the left, and click Get Directions to get a route to us.

Visit Google Maps

Below is a map showing the area around Murgatroyds Fish & Chip Restaurant. You can move the map around and zoom in and out by clicking-and-dragging and using the mousewheel respectively, or using the controls to the left of the map.

You can also click the From Here button below to request Google Maps™ directions from your current location, or by entering a location in the textbox and clicking Get Directions.

Occasionally, the location provided by your browser can be inaccurate. Always verify that the origin address (shown below) matches yours.